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Re- Hfx Explosion- I have interviews of people from eastern & central PEI 
who also heard and/or had  the ground shake or dishes rattle in Dec 1917.

Also folks in New Glasgow & eastern Pictou Co. who  thought it was coal mine 
explosion it was so loud. My grf Joe Cunningham & his father Rbt were 
threshing grain inside a barn in Lwr. Barney's River, Pictou Co. They were 
using a gas-powered stationary engine -they heard the explosion above the 
racket of both thresher & 5 hp engine. They thought their 45-gal barrel of 
gas had exploded.

12 yrs later people who felt the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in the Gulf of St 
Lawrence thought it was another Halifax Explosion. Wells went dry on PEI, 
dishes rattled, and in at least 1 instance a horse was knocked to its knees 
by the ground shaking.

cheers Thompson in PEI

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> Hi Gerry,
> Thanks for this. I read an article (couldn't find it last week) that I 
> have
> where a lady (child at the time) could remember being on the Isle of Haute
> in 1917 and that her family felt a rather forceful rush of air (lack of a
> better description) one day. It wasn't until they left the Isle in the
> spring of 1918 that they realized it had been the Halifax explosion!
> Did you know there were people in the Valley that had dishes rattle etc.?
> Take care,
> Phil
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>>Phil:  I spoke with John  Melvin Fullerton several years ago at which time
>>he would be in his 90's.  John had many old pictures of Isle Haute and 
>>stories and an aerial photo of the lake on the lower plateau and on the
>>photo it stated Fullerton's Lake.  He also told me stories about a Mr. 
>>who visited the island several years previous and found a skull and some
>>treasure.  John was a short and very stocky gentleman,  and as strong as a
>>bull.  One think that will stay with me forever is when I was about to
>>and shaking hands he had a grip live a vice and said sit down and you can
>>leave when I say you can leave, we sat and chatted for about another hour
>>about his life on the Island.  John was born 7 March 1904 and died 8
>>2000 at South Cumberland Community Care Center, Parrsboro, N.S.  John's
>>first wife was Margaret Alva Davis and his second wife whom I was very
>>fortunate in meeting was Telma Rector.
>>Subject: [nsroots] Isle Haute history
>> > Hi list,
>> >
>> > Pat Hampsey (local historian in Berwick) has published a nice article 
>> > on
>> > Isle Haute (Kings County register, once the Register), which is just 
>> > off
>> > Harbourville in the Bay of Fundy. The URL is
>> > http://www.kingscountyregister.ca/index.cfm?iid=1398&sid=10053
>> >
>> > I have articles and picture of same posted on my newspaper site.
>> >
>> > Pictures and articles at 
>> > http://www.rootsweb.com/~canbrnep/kerrpics3.htm
>> >
>> > Sara Keddy, editor of The Register did an award-winning article on
>> > she gave me permission to post) at
>> > http://www.rootsweb.com/~canbrnep/sarakeddywork.htm
>> >
>> > Take care,
>> >
>> > Phil
>> >
>> > Phil Vogler
>> > Berwick, Nova Scotia
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