[nsroots] Accident and resulting death in Allan Shaft, Stellarton, Pic.Co., NS-1905

Carolyn Wallace red_row at ns.sympatico.ca
Wed Nov 9 21:28:08 AST 2005

From: The Pictonion Colliers by James M. Cameron:

    Excavation of the Allan Shaft continued. Two men died in a long fall 
when a staging broke, H.A. Cooke and A. Perris(Paris?). A third man, Alfred 
Skinner, was injured. Alexander Cameron was killed when overrun by a hopper 
in the Vale yard, and James Stewart died after being struck by a rake in the 

From: The Eastern Chronicle, New Glasgow, N.S.:
Tuesday morning, 5 December 1905
                      The Allan Shafts
   While timbering in No1-shaft yesterday morning a plank on which two men 
were standing broke under their weight and they fell about twelve(feet?) to 
the bottom and each had a broken leg. Their names were Hugh Cook and Alfred 
Skinner. They were taken to Aberdeen Hospital and we learn that in the case 
of the latter the fracture of the bone is so bad that the leg will have to 
be amputated below the knee.
Friday, 8 December 1905
   Hugh Cooke, one of the men injured in the Allan shaft as stated in these 
columns in Monday's issue, was yesterday morning very low and it was not 
expected that he would recover. At first it was thought that his injury was 
only a broken leg; but later he became violently insane and on examination 
it was found that he was struck on the head and the skull fractured. An 
operation was performed on his head and the injury was found so serious that 
his life was despaired of. We could not learn at the hour of going to press 
how the unfortunate man was.
Friday, 8 December 1905
   The young man, Cook, who was so severely injured in the Allan Shaft on 
Monday, belongs to Issac's Harbor. His mother came on yesterday.
Tuesday, 12 December 1905
                           Verdict of Jury
   The following is the Verdict of Jury in case of Hugh A. Cooke injured at 
Allen Shaft, from which injury he died:
   That said Hugh A. Cooke came to his death at Aberdeen Hospital, on the 
eight day of December, 1905, from injuries received on the fourth day of 
said month, by the falling of a scaffold in the Allen Shaft, at Lourdes. The 
jury are of the opinion that the part of the material used in the 
construction of said scaffold was unfit for the purposes for which it was 
I found a Hugh Allen Cook in the Pioneer Cemetery in Issac's Harbor with 
dates: 1874-1906.
Does anyone know if this is the Hugh mentioned above and if so who his 
parents were?
Carolyn Wallace

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